Delivering healthcare to patients is a not like any other business segment. It involves dealing with patient lives and hence has many stakeholders including Clinician, facility management, government, caregiver, equipment suppliers, bio-medicals and many more. We at Lone Star helps healthcare entrepreneurs navigate risk, make informed investment decisions to achieve optimal clinical and financial performance. We offer a wide range of resources and a collaborative approach to create value for our clients through our customized solutions.

Our association and partnership with various stakeholders in the eco-system of healthcare delivery helps us gain insight and experience to help our customers anticipate risks, opportunities and overcome the many hurdles associated with regulatory framework, policy change and clinical outcomes. We help our clients find new opportunities to improve performance in the short-term and achieve longer-term transformational change.

Our Services

Our solutions are crafted to help healthcare organizations re-define their operations and processes based on patient-centric demands and evolving requirements of entreprenuers and management team. We work closely with customers to seek the most effective way to bring in credible impact for patients, care and service providers, investors and leverage our extensive network to connect them with the right sources of capital towards growth.


Our advisors offer solutions on strategy, talent recruitment, resource optimtization and navigate regulatory compliance challenges.


We help our customers get access to long term capital in form of debt, equity, venture capital and strategic partnership to compete in the new healthcare environment.


Our professionals help customers undertake specific assignments on complex, yet core matters of revenue assurance, margin enhancement, cost optimization and regulatory compliance.

Project advisory

Capital raising

Equipment procurement

Cost optimization

Regulatory insight

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