At Lone Star, we are passionate to make healthcare accessible and affordable across India. Our passion helps us work out innovative and crafted medical equipment procurement solutions for our customers. Whether you are upgrading your facility or simply extending your practice or out of medical college to set up a private clinic our medical equipment leasing professionals work closely with you to craft a flexible, efficient and affordable solution for you to deliver for your patients.

Operating Lease

We allow the client to use and operate the medical equipment, of its choice, in lieu of a periodic charge for a pre-agreed term. The customer is offered multiple options at the end of term including exit, return, renew or purchase. All options are completely customizable and come in variants of with or without equipment maintenance, insurance and equipment management services.

Capital Lease

Under this arrangement, the customer commits to a fixed term of rental payments. At the end of the contract, the customer owns the leased equipment with a low buyout price. There is no option to return this equipment. The objective of this offering is simply to finance the equipment over a specified term when cash is not available for immediate purchase. All options are completely customizable.

Sale and Leaseback

Setting up medical facilities is capital intensive. Often, the medical entrepreneur ends up making additional cash/equity investments leaving little head room for day to day operating requirements. We can help you out. We at Lone Star allow you to sell your existing medical equipment to us and free up your locked-in cash or equity without compromising on the operational rights to utilize that equipment.

Pay Per Use

Under this offering, we provide our customers the freedom to pay us only when they do the procedure, whether it be diagnostic, surgical or otherwise. We can craft it with multiple options of equipment procurement, installation, maintenance and even manpower.

Looking beyond - Craft your own Solutions

We, at Lone Star firmly believe that each customer is unique and has a distinct requirement based on its mission, vision, scale, and capabilities. This requires deeper understanding of their project, equipment segment, cash flows and many more. Work with us to craft your own solution through a combination of above or step up payment structure or deferred options.

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