Capital Equipment Leasing

In the field of healthcare, superior clinical outcomes depend on the equipment that clinicians, hospitals and medical facilities. With advancements in medical technologies constantly evolving, one faces significant challenge to stay updated at all times. One cannot expect to invest huge amount of cash each year towards equipment upgradation. Hence, facilities often look up to leasing solutions. We, at Lone Star offer flexible and customized lease solutions on a wide range of equipment across radiology, cardiology, surgical and more. Our solutions help match costs to revenues, conserve cash, minimize clinical, technical and operational obsolescence and more importantly deliver superior clinical outcomes.

Critical Care Rental

At Lone Star, we understand why the stakes are so high when it comes to managing patients requiring critical, intensive and long term care. The timing and quality of equipment plays a critical role in assisting care-givers deliver patient recovery and superior clinical outcomes. Whether you need medical beds, pressure ulcer prevention surfaces, infusion pumps, ventilator units or more, Lone Star is able to provide highly responsive, local and dedicated service – ensuring you have access to the critical care equipment you need, delivered when and where its needed. Each equipment is managed from a technical, bio-medical and infection control perspective, so you could rent with confidence to deliver safe, high quality care to your valued patients.

Healthcare Advisory

Healthcare is a sensitive and complex business of dealing with people's life. It faces constant volatility, regulatory oversight with dynamic rules of doing business driven by evolving demographic profile, clinical advancements, economic and social parameters, government regulations etc. Lone Star provides custom made offerings and advice to address the increasing complexities of business practices and processes across functions of operations, manpower, strategic planning, implementation, cost efficiencies and vendor management. Our Customer relationships are built on knowledge, partnership and collaboration.

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You stare at it every day ! You think about doing something, You want to do ... but you cannot - You don't know where to go? Do you know what we are talking about ? We are talking about your old medical equipment! Make your old equipment work and deliver for you !! Sell - Rent - Donate Whatever your cause be we are here to help. We will make sure your old equipment is not a liability anymore!

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