Empowering Care givers

Lone Star empowers you to achieve your clinical and commercial objectives by creating affordable and flexible leasing solutions for the acquisition of medical equipment (capital or otherwise) and services required to grow.

We invest on your equipment needs

Medical equipment accounts for more than 50 percent of capital requirements of a hospital. Our leasing solutions help you move capital expenses to operating expenses for you to match it with your direct revenues and earnings.

We help you transition & upgrade

With ever evolving medical technologies, our lease plan makes it easy for you to upgrade your equipment. As medical facilities grow and demand change, we help you transition and adapt seamlessly.

Did not work out as plan ?

Reach out to us if you don't need your equipment. We have flexible and easy exit and return options. We will be happy to help you.

Medical entrepreneur

We offer equipment leasing solutions with easy documentation, quicker processing and flexible terms and pragmatic conditions.

Stuck with old equipment ? Explore us

Make your old equipment work and deliver for you! Sell-Rent-Donate Whatever your cause be, we are here to help. We will make sure your old equipment is not a liability anymore!

Passion to make a difference - Join hands

We are passionate to make quality healthcare accessible & affordable to all irrespective of social and economic status of care seeker. We seek your ideas and suggestions to help save costs in care delivery.

Medical enterpreneur

Equipment procurement

Equipment disposal

Easy exit


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