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Barriers in healthcare

Lone Star offers the most creative leasing and rental programs designed specifically for healthcare facilities

Bio-Medical Services

At Lone Star, we firmly believe that bio-medical services form the backbone connecting caregivers and patient care. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that ensure the optimal performance, functionality, maintenance, and safety of your equipment.


Upgrade or replace your medical equipment seamlessly with our equipment exchange services. We prioritize the quality and safety of the exchanged equipment, ensuring responsible retirement or repurposing of older equipment for spares or redeployment.


Entrust your medical equipment’s upkeep to our experts. We offer warranty services and comprehensive maintenance contracts (CMCs) for all our equipment. We have a team of experienced technicians equipped to handle any issue promptly and efficiently, ensuring your equipment stays in optimal condition.


Empower your medical staff and technicians with our bio-medical training support. We focus on enhancing their skills and knowledge, providing training


Simplify the process of sourcing and purchasing medical equipment with our procurement support. Partnering with leading manufacturers and suppliers, we ensure the quality and performance of the equipment. From delivery to installation and testing, we negotiate the best prices and terms on your behalf.


Leverage our advisory service for comprehensive medical equipment management. We guide you through project planning, equipment selection, utilization, optimization, and disposal. Our goal is to assist you in making informed decisions aligned with your objectives and budget. Benefit from our expertise in choosing the best equipment from various OEMs and models.
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