Breaking down
Barriers in healthcare

Lone Star offers the most creative leasing and rental programs designed specifically for healthcare facilities


We understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers in acquiring the essential equipment they need. Different from traditional banks, we specialize exclusively in medical equipment financing. Whether you are a hospital, day care center, or diagnostic facility, we assist you in acquiring, upgrading, or replacing your essential medical equipment.


Our tailored equipment finance solutions empower you to acquire cutting-edge medical equipment in alignment with your cash flow and budget. We understand the unique financial needs of the healthcare industry and offer flexible solutions to support your equipment acquisition goals.


For dealers, suppliers, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), as well as channel partners, we provide attractive financing solutions. Our terms are designed to facilitate seamless transactions, ensuring that you can focus on delivering quality products and services.


Healthcare is a collaborative effort that spans primary, secondary, tertiary, and community-based services, including specialized areas like senior care, home care, and rural clinics. Our social financing modules are crafted to assist you in accessing the capital and resources necessary for your impactful journey in healthcare. Whether you are contributing to the community or serving niche markets, our financial support can make a significant difference. Partner with us to navigate the financial aspects of your healthcare initiatives with confidence.

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