Breaking down
Barriers in healthcare

Lone Star offers the most creative leasing and rental programs designed specifically for healthcare facilities


At Lone Star, we are passionate about making high-quality healthcare accessible and affordable. Medical equipment and technologies constitute 20% to 40% of overall investments in hospitals, depending on their specialties. Our goal is to provide unique, straightforward, and mutually beneficial solutions, whether you’re upgrading an existing facility or establishing a new one.


With our operating lease option, customers have the freedom to choose, select, and use equipment of their preference. In exchange for a pre-agreed periodic lease rental, clients can enjoy multiple flexible choices, including upgrades, renewals, exits, or outright purchases. We tailor these options to meet individual needs, allowing customization with or without equipment maintenance, insurance, and allied services.


Under the capital lease arrangement, customers commit to fixed-term rental payments. At the end of the contract, they own the leased equipment at a low buyout price. Unlike other options, there is no provision to return the equipment. The primary objective of this offering is to finance the equipment over a specified term.


Setting up medical facilities involves significant capital investment. Often, organizations find themselves with additional investments, tied-up equity, cash, or high debt. Sell your existing medical equipment to us. This allows you to unlock your cash or equity while retaining operational rights to utilize the equipment effectively.


Access equipment with comprehensive support services, including: maintenance, spare parts, breakdown replacement, disinfection, training, and insurance. Choose individual services or a combined package to suit your needs.

Pay Per Usage

Our pay-per-usage model provides customers with payment flexibility linked to specific procedures, whether diagnostic, surgical, or otherwise. We can tailor this offering with various equipment procurement options, ensuring a seamless experience.


We, at Lone Star firmly believe that each customer is unique and has a distinct requirement based on its mission, vision, scale, and capabilities. This requires deeper understanding of their project, equipment segment, cash flows and many more. Work with us to craft your own solution through a combination of above or step-up payment structure or deferred options.
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